It’s all about the mo, bro

Movember is nearing completion and the men taking part are sporting some interesting moustaches.

At Summit Ag Consulting you’ll find the men are enjoying this year’s challenge taking the participation seriously (but fun), all in the name of men’s mental health awareness. 

Known as The Seedy Statches of Summit Ag, the team is raising money, awareness and growing some ripper beards in a bid to help men’s health.

The female employees haven’t been left out, they’ve roped in their male counterparts to grow the mo. 

Summit Ag’s Heath McWhirter, also cofounder of Yacker App, is well on his way to achieving the ever-desirable filthy mo. 

With crop inspections and client visits in full swing, Heath said the mo was a hot topic of conversation. 

And this is what it’s all about, having a conversation.

“We deal with a lot of farmers and they have gone through good and bad years but it’s an understanding of men’s health. We see it first hand,” Heath said.

The conversation is all about breaking barriers, making connections and helping men to talk about what’s perhaps going on. 

The mo has been an icebreaker with many clients…

Heath McWhirter, SummitAg.

It’s an opportunity for them to ask for help and to feel comfortable unloading some of their problems – just knowing there’s a listening ear at the other end. 

But it’s not just mental health, it’s men’s health in general. 

“The mo has been an icebreaker with many clients asking if I’m growing it for Movember. It’s definitely broken the ice to talk about the subject,” he said.

As a cofounder of Yacker App, Heath said he felt the application was another great place to get in touch with others in agriculture – those going through the same things as you day in and day out. 

It’s a positive space where no question is silly and users are there to help one another out. It’s also 100 per cent built for agriculture. 

Heath said they had a passionate Movember team member who would gladly support them taking part each year.

For those who are listening to and maybe helping someone who needs the support, visit for more information about how to give the best assistance. 

To donate to the team visit Movember – Team to help raise much-needed funds for men’s health.

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