Havin’ a yack

With Christmas over and the New Year in full swing, it’s a good time to assess where you’re at with your agricultural communication.

Yacker App is the perfect way of connecting and making friendships with those in the same, or similar, fields as you.

Our app has been designed to break the communication barriers and see people on the land – from all agricultural fields – create real connections.

And that’s our motto Create. Real. Connections.

Yacker is all about creating real connections.

How many times have you been out in the paddock maybe during seeding or harvest, or you’re getting on top of some summer weeds and you’ve wanted to ask a question or chat with someone about a pressing matter?

Or maybe you just want to pick up the phone and connect with someone else.

Well, if your contacts aren’t able to assist, why not hop on and download Yacker App to have a chat with someone in the know?

It’s what the app is about and there’s been several success stories that have come about thanks to Yacker.

From information and chatter about soil implications after flooding, to sheep yard panels and pumps, there’s a chat for everything and if there’s not, you can start one yourself.

Got a question? Ask it.

Got some knowledge on a question asked? Share it.

Want to have a chat with someone who is in a field you want to know more about? Call them.

Yacker App allows all of these connections in a positive environment.
Head on over to the App store or Google play and download now. You’ll never know who you might connect with.

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