He’s on the right track

Just five years ago Dean Fair, of West Wyalong, NSW, purchased his own farm.
Coming from a farming family, Mr Fair decided to take a step away from the industry and go earth moving.
But it wasn’t long before he was back at it and the 890ac he purchased in 2016 is benefiting from his ideas and growing knowledge.
“I’m learning more every day and have the goal of becoming a full time farmer,” Mr Fair said.
Moving away from the family farm after school and taking an opportunity to go earthmoving, Mr Fair said setting down roots, with his own family, at his property was important.
Purchasing a farm comes with many opportunities – both positive and negative – and it often brings with it challenges to overcome.
The self-confessed overthinker, who has a head full of ideas, Mr Fair said he was making the most of working through these thoughts to gain further farming knowledge.
Based in a dryland area Mr Fair’s property currently boasts cattle, sheep, agistment sheep and a share farmer conducts all the cropping.
Mr Fair has also purchased 850ac next door to his current property.
With a dam on property, and an irrigation sprinkler at hand, Mr Fair pondered the question as to what pump size he should use to make use of the water.

Dean with his wife Tirana, with their children Melia, Indi and Bohdi.

There’s no negativity like other apps…”

Dean Fair, farmer.

As a user of Yacker App – a platform 100 percent designed by, and for, those in agriculture – Mr Fair took the opportunity to pose the pump question on the app.
“There were a couple of knowledgeable people who messaged me right away,” Mr Fair said.
He hadn’t previously used the app to ask a question and decided this was the perfect opportunity.
“There’s no negativity unlike other apps where you worry about what lashback you might receive. On Yacker, it’s not the environment, it’s a non-negative community.”
One of those who offered some advice called Dean to chat with him.
“We sorted a few things out and he got me going in the right direction and he was really willing to help.”
Since asking the question Mr Fair has begun the process of purchasing and solving his problem.
By using the Yacker App, Mr Fair was able to gain further knowledge and use this to help his farm.
As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’ and through using Yacker App, Mr Fair was able to use the knowledge of someone else to help solve his problem.
Download the app today and join in the conversations.

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