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Yacker is the only app out there that’s 100% dedicated to those in agriculture.

Developed by those in the field, Yacker was designed to help the agricultural community to build lasting relationships within the industry.

Co-founders Emma Ayliffe and Heath McWhirter of Summit Ag, based in New South Wales, initially wanted to create a productivity tool to help them connect with farmers when it suited them.
“We wanted to get more out of the conversations as well as provide a safe space for connecting growers and sharing information,” Emma said.

It’s about getting a much deeper connection than words on a screen…

Emma Ayliffe, Yacker App.
Yacker App’s Emma Ayliffe and Heath McWhirter.

First released in 2020 (after being developed in 2019) it’s already got a strong following of users from throughout Australia.
Developed to give people in agriculture a platform to make real connections, Yacker app has a strong community of like-minded people.
It gives instant access to people who are in the same fields, ask a question and have an answer within minutes, or, if you have the answer to someone’s query, you can call them directly.
With a clear, simple-to-use design it allows you to see what’s going on from all corners of Australia.
Emma said their goal was to create a culture of information sharing and a safe place to problem solve and discuss ideas.
“We want users to be able to feel like they have a space to be able to explore ideas and help take ag forward as a whole. This is about taking the conversation back to the phone and away from the keyboard.”

Yacker is the only 100% dedicated app for the agriculture sector.

Yacker App aims to provide the specific community with a positive platform to not only ask questions but to connect.
Give feedback, ideas, spread messages about what’s happening on the land or to connect; it’s what Yacker App is all about.
Yacker App is the only platform 100 per cent designed and built for agriculture.
Whether it’s spray advice, a question about machinery or even starting out with your own herd of cattle, Yacker App will help to connect you with those in the industry in a supportive and positive environment.
“It’s about getting a much deeper connection than words on a screen and building lasting relationships in the wider agriculture industry,” Emma said.
The app has followers from throughout Australia and has launched in New Zealand – available through the app store for download.
Yacker App is free and ready for download now on Android (through Google Play) or via the App store for Apple users, just search Yacker app.

Join in on the conversations today, we would love to hear from you!

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